How To Make A Bad Marriage A Worse Divorce

June 29, 2021
Axis Geffen

Article written by Axis Geffen

Sure. We’ve all heard the story before: “My marriage was awful so I left and now it’s awesome!” It’s not often that people talk about “Marriage was okay but I wanted something else – so I totally defrauded my partner and now I’m okay with someone else.” You might think that caption to be ridiculous but it happens more than you think. Want to hear some stories that only the walls could tell? Recently I was asked to recall the legendary ghost stories of divorces past. Without naming the names, here are some doozies!

Celebrity Pre-Nups

I recall the wind telling me about the celebrity that was married seemingly happily. He then decided that he wanted to sleep with someone else. He had the affair and quickly decided he wanted to have more of them. The catch? A prenuptial agreement that specifically stated that if either partner was caught having an affair they would forfeit their share of the estate. This was no big deal when they had nothing but now the estate was worth millions. So he distanced himself from his wife. Literally, to the ends of the earth claiming it was due to work. He became cold and rude and often attacked her self-esteem.

Then he hired a PI agency of ill repute to send single male PI’s to attempt to seduce his wife. The PI’s of course were armed with all of her favourite hobbies, interests, and habits. This went on for some time until one of them was successful. The following day, the PI filed his report with the necessary evidence and the attorneys went to work. The PI boasted about the job and his “success”. In the end, the wife never challenged her husband’s claims of infidelity. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to trust your ex.

Rich and Richer

Another tale the walls could tell is that of a young woman that married several times and each time to a richer man. Once to two (2) different men at the same time in two (2) different countries. The scenario was very similar for each courtship and so to for each marriage. You could almost say there was a set pattern or script for the behaviour: initially meeting, long walks, skating in winter, some travel, then an ultimatum to “prove” their love. Then a marriage, then family emergencies that limited their time, then controversial topics to spur an argument. Ultimately a divorce because they were simply too different in their opinion to continue.

Each marriage resulting in a large financial settlement and a new start to the same story. This went on for a number of years until she tried to marry a much wealthier but younger man. One whose parents were concerned and hired investigators in several countries to conduct research and uncovered her pattern. The parents of the young man contacted a number of her former husbands. As the story goes, they held a reunion that was quite memorable.


You see, when it comes to a domestic (or family law) matter, people think of love and togetherness and how that somehow came apart but from time to time. A family matter can be entwined in criminal matters, civil matters, business affairs, or any number of other matters that are not often thought of at the time because “love” is in the air.

In many families, the parents or grandparents of the bride or groom will privately and independently conduct background investigations on the new partner when the relationship first becomes serious or when marriage is proposed. Sometimes, the investigation is spawned by a friend with a hunch. These due diligences have become more popular over the years although they are not often openly discussed. Many a bad marriage has been avoided simply because a caring party decided to find out if Prince Charming’s armor was real or the Princess really was a Peach!

Living Large

On that, I leave the last example. A male that has been researched multiple times (several by me) and whose name elicits a great sigh when a PI hears it spoken by a new potential client. A male that reports himself as wealthy but “down-to-earth” and as such, “lives among the people.” This valiant knight has (depending on who told the story to) struggled with and survived several forms of cancer. He owned several luxury vehicles. Ones that were stolen, crashed, sold at a private auction, or given away to help an undisclosed charity.

He has also been involved with (depending on who you talk to) drug cartels, doctors without borders, several philanthropic organizations, a Yoga chain, a Yogurt Chain. Born into one of the richest bloodlines in a foreign country, he was moved to Canada for his safety. He has been in the same relationship for years but reports himself as single, married, homeless, gay, straight, and “living a communal life”. The sad simple truth is that individuals like these do exist. As evidenced by this specific individual, some of these people continue to con and attempt to con as many people as they can as a way of life.

To quote Forest Gump, “Life is like a bunch of chocolates…” If you don’t closely examine the box or its contents, you’re either going to develop a cavity, end up with dirty hands or run into a bunch of nuts! Thanks for reading. Please share.