Mentorship in Family Law

May 29, 2023
Michaela Madden

Article written by Michaela Madden

Many lawyers will describe their career as demanding, yet very rewarding. The same runs true for family law; however, it’s a legal practice filled with unique challenges and complexities that only those working in the industry can fully understand. Because of this, mentorship is essential to students interested in pursuing a career in family law, and plays a vital role in shaping the future generation of legal professionals. A strong and experienced mentor can equip you with invaluable guidance, support, and practical knowledge, setting you up for success very early in your career. In today’s article, we’ll explore a few key benefits to building a mentor-mentee relationship, as well as the student programs offered at Shulman & Partners.

Expertise and Practical Guidance:

First and foremost, mentorship offers law students the opportunity to learn from seasoned family lawyers, many of which have been in the industry for several years. These experienced professionals can share their knowledge of various legal processes, case management techniques, and effective client communication strategies that law students can use as they navigate the beginning of their career. Additionally, this firsthand exposure allows law students to gain a better understanding of specific family law issues while also honing in on their general legal skills.


Personal & Professional Development with Mentorship:

Mentorship extends beyond professional knowledge – it also focuses on personal development as well. In a demanding industry like law, the right mentor can provide valuable insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance, managing stress, and cultivating effective communication and negotiation skills. By nurturing the holistic growth of law students, mentors help shape them into well-rounded legal professionals who can navigate the challenges of the field with ease.

Building a Network through Mentorship:

A professional network built through mentorship can provide law students with career growth, collaboration, and new mentor relationships, even after their done with school. Well-connected law professionals can skyrocket a student’s career by introducing them to other legal professionals, judges, and influential figures within the field, which can then open several doors to potential career opportunities after graduation. Additionally a mentor can help law students attend the right conferences, workshops, and seminars, all of which can keep students up to date on the latest developments in family law. 

Ethics & Values:

Family law cases often involve sensitive issues that lawyers must navigate with empathy, compassion, and integrity. An experienced mentor can guide law students on ethical decision-making and emotional intelligence when it comes to these types of cases. Beyond the emotional aspect, they can also help law students understand the importance of ethics, including maintaining confidentiality and advocating for the best interests of clients without letting personal emotions get in the way. This allows law students to ethically serve their clients with both empathy and professionalism.


Shulman & Partners Student Programs:

Shulman & Partners is invested in the education, innovation, and collaboration of family law, understanding that law students are the future of the legal field and even future partners in our firm. Based on these values, we’re proud to offer a 10-month student program that provides the opportunity to learn the art of negotiation, develop and draft complex legal documents, experience appearing before judiciary, and other significant practical experience. Additionally, we also provide Summer Positions for first- and second-year students who show interest in family law. 

Learn more about our student programs and other career opportunities today by visiting our Student Programs page.