The Divorce Process, Stage Two: Getting Advice

March 21, 2013
Ron Shulman

Article written by Ron Shulman

In the last article in this series, I talked about the very earliest stage of the divorce process, meaning the actual decision to formally separate from your spouse, plus the initial arrangements that must be made for new separate living accommodations, temporary finances, and child custody and access.  

This articles talks about the next steps in the process.

1.  Hiring Your Lawyers

After you and your spouse have made these temporary arrangements relating to living arrangements, child care, and short-term finances, you will each have to hire a trusted lawyer.    The lawyer you choose will advise you as to your rights, and will have the important role of representing and advocating for you throughout the upcoming divorce process.

For this reason it is always wise to canvass your friends and family for recommendations, and to do some research on potential lawyers and their particular areas of expertise.  Finding someone you can trust and work with will make all the difference in what can be a very difficult and time-consuming divorce process.

Although the litigation process is commonly assumed to be high-conflict and adversarial in nature, it doesn’t always have to be:   some lawyers specialize in mediation and collaborative family law, while others work within the traditional litigation-based system but still strive to resolve family disputes by way of settlement (rather than time in court) wherever possible.

At Shulman Law Firm, we approach each case on an individual basis, using a blend of approaches and strategies that best suits the client’s needs and achieves his or her objectives.

2. Developing a Strategy

No matter what approach you prefer to take in arranging for a divorce, you and your spouse will each have to get advice from your lawyers on your respective rights and obligations towards each other and any children.  Using this information, you will then have to reflect on what your overall objectives are, and develop a strategy for reaching those outcomes.   This will ensure you are poised to take the next steps in the divorce process.  

Next article:  Exchanging financial information.

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