Jackie’s Story

November 16, 2022
Shulman Law Firm

Article written by Shulman Law Firm

Did you know that you were going to be promoted? How?  

J: I did not know I was going to be promoted! Mirna Shnoudeh received the first Client Intake Coordinator position. I was really happy for her as she deserved it! I was already doing client intake prior to Mirna starting. I had been chosen to help with the trial stage. I just thought once I was back to work after Mirna started, I’d be back at front desk! I was thrilled to receive the promotion and the second Client Intake Coordinator position.  

 If the promotion was a surprise, tell us about your reaction when you found out. What was the first thing you thought?   

J: I was shocked! I had recently gotten into a bad accident which would keep me out of work physically for a while. Turns out, management decided to bring on a second position and asked me if I would like to try out for it. It would allow me to work from home while I heal! I was so excited and happy when Anna told me. It would be an easy transition for me since I was already doing the job anyway, so that made it even better. I was just so happy and grateful that they gave me the opportunity.   

What are you most excited about with this promotion?  

J: I love to help people. I love talking to people and helping them to feel better, even if it’s just giving them a sympathetic ear to vent to. I get total joy out of knowing I have made someone feel even a little bit better and I like that this position allows me to be a more helpful person. It allows me to be a more helpful person to potential clients who are going through a rough time in their life that I am sure they never expected to ever have to go through.  

What do you think will be the most challenging part?  

J: For me, the challenging part has been rectified by having two positions instead of one. I was mainly concerned about the heavy workload. Having two client intake coordinators makes it more manageable. I am excited to be working with such a competent team!