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Separation and Divorce can be a difficult and uncertain time. Our team of Toronto family lawyers is dedicated to relentlessly pursue our clients’ interests, and getting exceptional results. At the time of need our clients turn and rely on us for timely and effective legal advice and representation. We regularly represent clients at trials, on appeals and Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ADR), such as negotiations, mediations and arbitrations.

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getting out of debt after divorce family law toronto

Getting Out Of Debt After Divorce


Divorce can be expensive, and recovering may take some time and assistance. Aside from the legal costs, you may be required to pay spousal and/or child support. Furthermore, your e...

Don't Forget To Include These Things In Your Budget If You're Newly Divorced Family Law Toronto

Key Things New Divorcées Forget To Include When Creating a Budget


One of the foundations to financial success when going through a divorce is creating and adhering to a budget. Creating a budget is an important starting point, but if you can’t ...

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