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Separation and Divorce can be a difficult and uncertain time. Our team of Toronto family lawyers is dedicated to relentlessly pursue our clients’ interests, and getting exceptional results. At the time of need our clients turn and rely on us for timely and effective legal advice and representation. We regularly represent clients at trials, on appeals and Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ADR), such as negotiations, mediations and arbitrations.

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a nasty divorce family law toronto

A Nasty Divorce from the Child’s Eyes


Ever wonder what the child’s experience of divorce may be? It is important to remember, behavior speak and at times, louder than words. This is particularly true at times of e...

parenting a teenager through divorce family law toronto

Parenting a Teenager Through a Divorce


Parenting a teenager is often compared to parenting a 3-year-old. The teenager is revisiting a stage of development where they are naturally seeking greater independence, but inste...

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