5 Things to Look Forward to After Your Divorce

February 10, 2023
Michaela Madden

Article written by Michaela Madden

We won’t sugarcoat it: Divorce is a hard, heartbreaking experience. There’s much to mourn when it comes to moving on from your marriage, but according to Miley Cyrus, there’s just as much to look forward to. 


If you’re not caught up on pop culture, Miley recently released her hit song, Flowers – an upbeat ballad based on her come-back from her and Liam Hemsworth’s rocky relationship and eventual divorce in 2019. What could’ve been a sad song turned out to be quite the opposite. It’s an empowering, relatable, dance-worthy anthem for divorcees around the world, emphasizing the importance of self-love after loss.  


According to the song, it seems some specific things Miley enjoys post-divorce include buying herself flowers, holding her own hand, and even taking herself dancing. This got us thinking – despite the downs of divorce, what other amazing things can you expect to look forward to after it? Well in this post, we’ll get into just that. 

1. Free Time For Your Own Goals

We’re often told that marriage means compromise, and sometimes even sacrifice. This rings even more true if children are involved, as much of your time is dedicated to them as well as your spouse. The good news? You no longer have to share goals with your spouse, or put your personal ones on the backburner to better support theirs. This newfound freedom means you have much more time to focus on what you want, whether that means choosing to work on your own financial, career, health, or family goals. 


2. Rediscovering Your Favorite Hobbies

When you share your life with another person for so long, sometimes we forget to focus on the hobbies that make us happy as individuals. And while it’s nice to share some interests with your spouse, it’s important to have hobbies independent of anyone else that are unique to you. Try to think of any activities you used to love but made less time for in your marriage. Maybe that’s music, art, yoga, or simply cooking a nice dinner once a week. Additionally, it’s perfectly normal for our interests to differ as we grow and change as people, so start exploring new hobbies to take with you in this next chapter of your life. 


3. Rekindling Friendships and Developing New Ones

In addition to setting new goals and exploring new hobbies, you can look forward to finding time for friends, both new and old. A good support system not only sets you up for success during your divorce period, but can be there to make both the good days and the bad days just a bit better. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your good friends, plan a day to catch up over coffee, grab dinner, or stay-in for the evening all together. And if you’re looking for new friends, there’s plenty of ways to find them – join a book club, take group classes at the gym, or even join a Facebook group to meet people with similar lifestyles or interests.


4. Spending Time on Self Care

We don’t need to go into detail about the importance of self-care – chances are you already know you need it, but now, you finally have the time for it. If you don’t know where to start, acts of self-care can be as simple as an at-home spa day or taking 30 minutes to meditate or read. Or, in the words of Miley Cyrus, buying yourself flowers! Whatever you decide to do, look forward to the fact that you actually have the time to care for yourself again. 

5. And When You’re Ready, Finding Love Again

There’s no timeline getting back in the dating game and finding love again. However, you can look forward to it happening at some point down the line, when you’re ready for it. Setting goals, rediscovering hobbies, and rekindling friendships are all fantastic ways to find your way back to your true self. And once you explore your individuality and know exactly who you are, you’ll have the opportunity to find someone who aligns with the new you, and loves you for all of it.