Single Parents & Respect for Parents Day

July 29, 2022
Gary Direnfeld

Article written by Gary Direnfeld

On August 1st we celebrate Respect for Parents Day. While it may be just another construct of the greeting card industry, there are still some worthwhile considerations.

What is Respect for Parents Day?

Our world puts so much focus on doing whatever we can to keep our kids happy. This will always be our #1 priority. But while it can be nice for our children to think that as parents we have everything figured out, the truth is we are all just doing the best we can. Respect for Parents Day helps children acknowledge that parents face challenges too and deserve appreciation. It is a day to recognize the sacrifices parents are constantly making on behalf of their children and family.

Respect for Parents Day

Single Parents:

Children whose parents aredivorced or separated may be less inclined to consider the experiences of their parents. They may have been exposed to a lot of conflict and therefore struggle with shifting the focus from their own challenges.

If only kids read these articles.

If they did, we would want those children to know that their parents did not intend to separated. They likely entered into their relationship with hope and aspirations for a good, nurturing, and lifelong relationship. We would want those children to know that their parents did not make the decision to separate lightly. In fact, they were likely wracked with concern for the impact it might have on them. Their parents were probably juggling concern for them while also worrying about how their own life would change.

We would want those kids to know and understand that their parents are human too. Children should see this and treat them with compassion and empathy, just as their parents always do with them.

If only kids read these articles.

Respect for Parents Day

Respect for Single Parents:

For the many single parents whose children don’t know about or recognize Respect for Parents Day, let us speak for them.

We understand that you are doing the best you can. You are trying your hardest given the tools and experiences at your disposal. We respect the challenges of managing a complicated co-parenting relationship. Your kids may not say it out loud, but your efforts are appreciated as you continuously do what you can to meet the economic and emotional challenges of the day on their behalf.

So, whether or not forthcoming from the children, please know, that this Respect for Parent’s Day, we do respect you on behalf of all the kids