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How Divorce Can Impact An Inheritance

You may end up sharing part of your inheritance with your ex depending on when you received it and what you've done with the money. Family lawyer Diana Isaac offers some valuable information on how to protect your inheritance.

Letting Your Adult Kids Move Back In? Make Sure You Have A Written Agreement First

Inviting an adult child to move in with their spouse can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. But many parents are unaware of the legal troubles they could face if the child and the child's partner break up while they are under their parents' roof. Laura Paris shares some cautionary information, and explains how everyone can protect themselves in a situation like this one.

A Contract Is Awkward But Necessary When Couples Move In With Parents

Couples fight. That’s normal. Some couples end up separating or getting divorced. This, too, is not uncommon. However, if a separation occurs while the pair is living in one of their parents’ home, legal troubles may follow.

Own A House With Your Partner? Here Is What Happens If You Break Up

Common-law partners don’t have the same rights married couples do, and many don’t understand the risks of buying a home together. Family lawyer Diana Isaac shares some great information on how common-law couples can protect themselves before they make such an important decision. 

Couples Should Consider A Cohabitation Agreement Before Living Together

Many couples move in together without giving much thought as to what will happen if they break up. Unfortunately, if these common-law couples do split, there can be serious legal issues for them to sort out, explains Ron Shulman. That is unless the couple has a cohabitation agreement.

Why An Amicable Divorce Goes Sideways

It pays (a lot) to keep a divorce amicable. But if it were really that simple, every couple would work towards a good divorce. So what exactly makes an amicable divorce turn sideways? Ron Shulman speaks with The Lawyer's Daily and offers his thoughts.