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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Navigating Finances After Divorce

There is more than one way to manage finances during a divorce. Partner and Toronto family lawyer Diana Isaac shares some valuable tips on how to minimize financial stress during and after a divorce.

How To Use Social Media During A Divorce

Mean messages and nasty posts about your ex can be used against you in court proceedings. The solution? Keep your divorce off of social media, says Toronto family lawyer Rick Peticca.

Grey Divorces Are Increasing, But Exes Don’t Usually Want To Fight

Don't blame this trend on millennials. More and more people in their 50s and 60s are getting divorced, and while grey divorces don't usually involve issues like child custody or support, it can be complicated to disentangle half a lifetime’s worth of accumulated assets.

Canadians Could Benefit From Learning More About Divorce

While no one really wants to think about divorce, understanding the process, and the costs associated with divorce, could help Canadians in the long run. Laura Paris and Carl Garnich talk more about divorce, money and education.

Divorce After Retirement

"Divorce is nothing more than a dispute," says family lawyer Rick Peticca. And like any dispute, things usually work out best when the parties involved can work together to find a solution.

Appeal Court Underlines Courts’ Discretion Not To Make Contempt Findings

Courts should not rush headlong toward a contempt finding in every case and it should not be resorted to routinely as a means of enforcing orders. Family lawyer Ron Shulman weighs in on a complex case involving a contempt order, and what courts must consider before making such a significant order.