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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Balanced Call In Intentional Underemployment Case

Determining intentional underemployment isn't always as straightforward as one might think. As associate lawyer Rick Peticca demonstrates in his interview with Advocate Daily, it truly depends on the unique circumstances of each case.

Judge Lifts Veil Of Secrecy In Pastor’s Paternity Case

A Toronto pastor is asking to have his identity kept secret in a paternity case - but for all the wrong reasons. Family lawyer Ron Shulman says if kids aren't directly involved, it's unlikely for someone in this position to be awarded anonymity. See what he has to say about balancing privacy and public interest in this Toronto Star article.

Meet The Co-Parents

Co-parenting is part of the new modern family, says family lawyer Diana Isaac, even celebrities like Drake are embracing this progressive role change. Isaac offers some unique insight on co-parenting, and what it really means to be an effective co-parent, with the Toronto Sun.

Why More Baby Boomers Are Ending Their Marriages

With a longer life expectancy and higher quality of life, older couples are taking the time to reflect on if they are truly happy spending forever together. Diana Isaac, family lawyer at Shulman Law Firm, discusses this trend in depth with the National Post.

Prenups Gaining Popularity With Millennials

Many millennials think about prenups in a different light than previous generations. Rather than viewing them as something for only the rich and famous, they are able to see their practical benefits, explains family law lawyer Laura Paris.

More Mental Health Services Needed For Kids Of Divorce

Bill C-78 is expected to bring necessary changes to the Divorce Act, putting needs of children front and centre. But, it does not do much to improve access to essential mental health services. Rick Peticca of Shulman Law Firm weighs in on this important issue in a special Toronto Star article, and offers an excellent solution to this ongoing problem.