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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Divorce Month and the Pandemic

Laura Paris spoke with Kelly Cutrara on Global News Radio about the increase of divorce during January (Divorce Month).

Hunt Is On for Anti-Vax Dad Who Fled with Daughter to Avoid Getting Her Vaccinated

Vice covered a case about an anti-vax father on the run with his daughter so she wouldn't be vaccinated. Associate lawyer, Alyssa Bach, provided information about vaccine and custody related conflicts that have been on the rise.

The pandemic is causing angry and bitter divorces, lawyers say

The stress of the pandemic is seeping into divorces and they are becoming acrimonious. Associate lawyer, Laura Paris, spoke with CTV about the increase of angry divorces.

Snooping spouses beware: Spying could backfire in the courtroom

More people are starting to try recording their ex-partners to use in court. Laura Paris spoke with Canadian Press about how snooping can negatively impact someone.

What you need to know if you’re self-employed and getting a divorce

Self-employed individuals are having issues over income. Kevin Caspersz joined BNN to discuss the implications for income splitting at tax time.

Divorced Couples Living Together Longer

Amidst the pandemic and rising housing prices, divorced couples are deciding to live together longer. Associate lawyer, Alyssa Bach, spoke with CTV Your Morning about this change in living situation.