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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

How Parents Can Keep Gift Payments Safe

Parents give money to their children and expect it to remain with their children, not with an ex-spouse, explains Rick Peticca, an associate at Shulman Law Firm. But there's no guarantee that will happen, so he recommends couples put financial plans and agreements in writing.

Protecting Assets When Entering A Relationship

Protecting one’s financial assets isn’t something many single people think of doing before entering into a relationship. However, if money and property are on the line, it should be something singletons consider if they plan on getting married one day, lawyers who specialize in family law suggest.

When Should A Parent Request Change In Custody

Laura Paris, associate lawyer at Shulman Law Firm, gives her legal opinion about a specific case involving a father who now wants access to his daughter after finding out she is regularly participating in beauty pageants.

Adult Children On Family Allowances Beware

Traditionally, an allowance was used by a parent to motivate a child to do chores or learn more about money management. However, there are many parents today who maintain allowances for their adult children. But how is this allowance affected if their children go through a divorce?

Couples Should Take Time When Considering Divorce

Laura Paris, associate lawyer at Shulman Law Firm, shares with listeners why rushing into a divorce is never a good idea, and cautions parents about giving their adult children a regular allowance.

This too Uses AI To Guide Through Divorce Process

Artificial intelligence is on the cusp of permeating all facets of life — it’s even helping end relationships. But, as our lawyer Ron Shulman tells the Toronto Star, family disputes, even amicable ones, can get messy fast, and do-it-yourself divorces can lead to challenges later on.