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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Changing Spousal Agreements May Cost More Than Original Divorce

Income usually drops once a person stops working, and this causes some ex-spouses to seek a change to their spousal agreement. But, altering spousal support isn’t just done on a whim, says family lawyer Diana Isaac, and this can be a particularly hard truth for wealthy or famous individuals who have recently retired.

Spanking Is Legal In Canada, But Not Encouraged

50 countries have banned all physical punishment of children, including spanking. Surprisingly, Canada is not one of them. Sara Dimerman has written a powerful article on parenting and spanking, and has included our lawyer Diana Isaac's take on the issue.

Support Obligations For Adult Children Determined Case By Case

A child's 18th birthday does not necessarily mark the beginning of their financial independence. As Ron Shulman explains, determining when child support ends is becoming more complex as our society evolves and expectations change.

Change Online Passwords To Avoid A Costlier Divorce

Forgetting to change a password after a separation is a simple mistake, but it can be a costly one too, cautions family lawyer Laura Paris. She and Bruce Sellery talk in depth about the importance of changing passwords to online accounts on the Moolala podcast.

Young Cohabitors Should Think About More Than Saving Rent

Moving in with a partner can be exciting, and many young couples talk about money and payments, but don't put agreements in writing. This can be problematic if the relationship ends, cautions family lawyer Rick Peticca. But there's a way to avoid arguments, and possibly court, if things don't work out.

Sexting Has Little Impact On Outcome Of Divorce

Sexting may end a relationship, but it won't play a major role in divorce proceedings. Shulman Law Firm's Laura Paris talks with CP24's Cristina Tenaglia about why this is.