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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Snooping On A Spouse: What’s Legal and What’s Not

Think twice before you snoop! Laura Paris talks about the sophisticated new ways some spouses are trying to collect evidence, and how a court may (or may not) use that evidence in a family law case.

How Custody And Access Work For Co-Parents Like Drake

Drake’s family picture may not look the way he had thought it would, but the Canadian rap star is learning learning how to co-parent with the mother of his son, despite the fact that they never shared a long-term relationship.

Family lawyer Diana Isaac explains how custody and access may be determined for co-parents like Drake, and why allowing the child to develop a relationship with both parents is a good thing.

Adult Children Should Take Caution If They’re Financially Supporting Parents

Adult children who financially support an aging parent just want to make sure they are living comfortably. But many young adults are unaware of the issues that can arise if their parent decides to cohabit with a new romantic partner. Rick Peticca shares some excellent advice with 680 News that will help children and their parents avoid potential money and legal issues.

Why Spousal Support Doesn’t Automatically End After Retirement

Many people who have an obligation to pay spousal support are shocked to learn that there is no guarantee that support payments will be terminated, or even reduced, once they retire. Family lawyer Laura Paris shares with Newstalk 1010 listeners why spousal support does not automatically end after retirement.

Post-Nuptial Agreements Growing In Popularity

Most people are familiar with a pre-nup, but that document can't help couples who are already married. However, a post-nup can be signed months or even years after a wedding. Family lawyer Rick Peticca weighs in on the value of a post-nup, and helps couples understand what they should consider before signing one.