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Financial Freedom Not Guaranteed For Divorcing Seniors

Couples who have been married for decades aren't feeling an obligation to stay together forever anymore if they aren't happy, says associate lawyer Rick Peticca, and that's good news. But, these couples should be aware of the unique finical challenges they may face.

Shulman donates over 1,000 lbs. of food to North York Harvest Food Bank

We strongly share North York Harvest Food Bank's mission to eradicate hunger in our community, and every year, we try to do more to help ensure everyone has dignified access to nutritious food.

Should You Have A Prenup?

If family lawyer Laura Paris were to offer a couple some marriage advice, she might tell them to consider getting a prenup before the big day. As she explains to Newstalk 1010 listeners, this contract could be the best gift they give to themselves.

Spousal Support May Continue Into Retirement

Many people dream about retiring early to pursue the things they are passionate about. But, if you currently pay spousal support, there's something our lawyer Rick Peticca wants you to know before you start making travel plans.

How To Mitigate Damage In A Grey Divorce

The realization that a pension must be divided in a divorce can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when a party's earning years are numbered. Diana Isaac, associate at Shulman Law Firm, looks to minimize surprises and damage for grey divorcees by sharing some key information in this Financial Post article.

How A High Debt-Load Can Affect A Divorce

Couples often think about who will get the house, cottage or the car, but fewer people consider what will happen to their debts when seeking a divorce. Diana Isaac, associate at Shulman Law Firm, addresses this hidden issue on BNN Bloomberg.