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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

The Secret(s) To A Successful Marriage

It's not always easy to know for sure that's you've found the right one. But our lawyer Rick Peticca, along with other relationship professionals, offers some excellent words of wisdom to couples about to tie the knot in this thoughtful CBC article.

Consider A Prenup If You’re Getting Married This Year

Prenups are like insurance. You hope you won't have to use it, but you'll be happy that you have it should trouble arise. Associate lawyer Laura Paris shares some excellent tips with 680 News about prenups and protecting assets before marriage.

Attitudes About Marriage Have Changed, Laws Have Not

Canadians are inclined to see marriages and common-law-relationships in a similar light. But as Rick Peticca, associate lawyer at Shulman Law Firm, points out, there is one area of law where married couples and common law spouses are treated differently. Find out what that is, and see what advice Mr. Peticca would offer to couples who want to ensure their assets are protected.

Have This Tough Talk Before Buying A Place Together

Talking about breaking up doesn’t mean you will actually split, in fact, it will give you and your partner an opportunity to protect yourselves if anything does happen down the road. Laura Paris, an associate at Shulman Law Firm, speaks with Flare writer Laura Hensley about the importance of having a strong cohabitation agreement in place if you're buying shared property.

Family Lawyers Will Dig Deep To Find Hidden Assets

When finances don't add up, family lawyers will take proactive measures to make sense of it, Ron Shulman, founder of Shulman Law Firm, tells Newstalk 1010. Exes may think they can get away with hiding assets, but that is usually a losing strategy, and they end up paying for their actions.

How To Catch A (Financially) Unfaithful Spouse During A Divorce

Some individuals believe that they can keep their money during a divorce by making it "disappear." Ron Shulman, founder of Shulman Law Firm, explains why this is risky behaviour, and tells HuffPost readers how they can catch a financially unfaithful spouse.