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‘No middle ground’: How children’s COVID-19 vaccination is polarizing parents

Senior associate, Kevin Caspersz spoke with Global News about how the decision to give children the COVID-19 vaccine is polarizing co-parents.

COVID-19 vaccines and minors: Where does Canadian law stand on consent?

Diana Isaac, Partner, spoke with CTV News regarding Covid19 vaccines, whether minors can provide consent to vaccines, and how this can impact family law.

Advice for parents who clash over getting their kids vaccinated

Associate Lawyer Alyssa Bach provides legal advice to Global News for divorced parents who have different opinions on their kids’ vaccination status.

Alyssa Bach- 570 News- Vaccine Passports “Fuel the Fire”

Family lawyer, Alyssa Bach, spoke with 570 News about how vaccine passports are causing disruptions between co-parents.

Vaccine Passports ‘fuel to the fire’ for co-parents unable to find middle ground on child safety.

Family lawyer, Alyssa Bach, speaks with Newstalk1010 about how vaccine passports may increase tensions amongst some already high conflict co-parents.