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Domestic violence surging amid COVID-19 pandemic

Social isolation and economic loss are increasing the strain on troubled households, and domestic violence is surging, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Diana Isaac weighs in on the increase of domestic incidents since the start of the pandemic.

Navigating child custody and co-parenting during COVID-19

Divorce Lawyer Laura Paris shares some tips for navigating child custody and co-parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rick Peticca Jeremy Renner Requests Child Support Reduction Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Rick Pettica discusses Jeremy Renner's Request for Child Support Reduction Due To Coronavirus Pandemic.

More babies or more divorces post COVID-19?

More babies or more breakups? Experts expect a surge in newborns months from now thanks to a global quarantine, while others predict more divorces.

COVID-19 may play havoc with divorced parents’ March break plans

Parents should work together during the current COVID-19 pandemic to make the best decisions for their children regarding travel and scheduling. Family lawyer Ron Shulman weighs in on how the pandemic can affect parenting, as well as the current accessibility of courts.