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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Vaccination passports could cause custody issues for unvaccinated parents

Family lawyer, Laura Paris, spoke with the Law Times about how vaccination passports can affect custody and parenting arrangements for unvaccinated parents.

Shared Parenting and Relocating Abroad

Managing Partner, Ron Shulman, speaks about how court deals with relocating and issues of mobility between divorced or separated parents.

Divorce During a Pandemic

Family Lawyer, Alyssa Bach discusses with Newstalk1010 how the second year of the pandemic is affecting divorce, including relocation, co-parenting, support payments, and more.

Co-parenting? Here’s how to avoid back-to-school legal battles related to COVID-19

Family Lawyer, Laura Paris, discusses the potential legal battles that can be faced by co-parents during the pandemic and back-to-school.

Divorce from a ‘high-conflict’ personality can turn into a nightmare

Partner, Diana Isaac, and Senior Associate Lawyer, Kevin Caspersz spoke to the Toronto sun about how people with HCP, or high-conflict personality, can make the divorce process more difficult.

COVID-19 continues to drive family law work

Family lawyer, Kevin Caspersz speaks with Law Times about how there is still an increase to family law work well into 2021, due to the continuation of the pandemic and COVID-19.