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Litigation Privilege In Family Law Toronto

Litigation Privilege In Family Law

I was quite shocked when having a conversation with a pair of family law lawyers a few years ago. We were engaging in a very large domestic legal matter, and I mentioned the prospect […]

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When Counselling Is Not Appropriate For Children During A Divorce Family Law Toronto

When Counselling Is Not Appropriate For Children During A Divorce

Counselling is generally thought to be a good solution when children of separating parents are in distress. However, this is not always the case. In order for counselling to be helpful to children […]

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How A Financial Planner Can Help You Reach A Better Divorce Settlement Family Law Toronto

Can A Financial Planner Help Me Reach A Better Divorce Settlement?

The shortest answer is – it depends. A financial planner is one professional who can help you reach a better divorce settlement; your lawyer and your accountant are also important players in this […]

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the seven deadly sins of family law investigation Toronto

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Family Law Investigation – How To Avoid The Pitfalls That Add Unnecessary Costs

One of the biggest problems we run in to with new clients, or those who have previously been serviced by another firm, is that clients are generally not given any guidelines or direction […]

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staying together for the children family law toronto

Staying Together For The Sake Of The Children

It certainly is a common sentiment – We’re staying together for the children. The thinking behind this is manifold; o Staying together continues to provide an intact family; o Perhaps when older or […]

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