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You’re looking for information, and we have plenty to share. We’ve gathered a lot of free resources on separation and divorce, and to help you navigate it all we’ve grouped them around key topics so you can zone-in on what you want to know more about.

changes to family law Ontario

These Changes To Ontario Family Law Have Made A Big Difference

We’ve reached a milestone in this country! 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Canada’s first federal Divorce Act, and a lot has changed in family law since it was passed. The Divorce Act […]

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are gifts considered income for support purposes family law toronto

What Would Santa Say? Are Gifts Considered Income for Support Purposes?

It’s the season for gift-giving, but as we’ve demonstrated in a recent article about paying for presents as a co-parent,  gifts can be a source of contention if you’re separated or divorced.  And […]

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who pays for kids gifts family law toronto

Co-Parenting Through The Holidays: Who Pays For The Kids’ Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching, and parents who still need to buy gifts for their children may be feeling more than a little bit stressed out. For separated and divorced parents, this stress […]

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myths about divorce and family law busted family law toronto

Busted! Myths About Divorce and Family Law Debunked

We’re always happy to hear our clients tell us that they’ve done some preliminary research on family law and divorce. Being informed and having an idea of what you want from a divorce […]

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Parenting with an ex of a different religion during the holidays family law toronto

Can I Stop My Ex From Taking Our Child To Church On Christmas?

It is normal for contentious issues to arise between even the closest married parents, and some of those issues can be amplified for parents that are divorced or are in the process of […]

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parenting schedule holidays toronto family law

Ho-Ho-Holiday Parenting Schedules

As the holiday season approaches, separated and divorced parents may anticipate its arrival – not so much with the usual happy anticipation – but rather with concern and uncertainty. That’s because the holidays […]

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