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You’re looking for information, and we have plenty to share. We’ve gathered a lot of free resources on separation and divorce, and to help you navigate it all we’ve grouped them around key topics so you can zone-in on what you want to know more about.

Things You Can’t Leave Out Of Your Cohab Agreement If You’ve Already Been Divorced

We’ve recently written about the importance of having a comprehensive cohabitation agreement, especially if you’ve been through a divorce and are now living with, or about to move in with a new partner. […]

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The Biggest Mistake Mature Couples Make When Their Relationship Gets Serious

With age comes wisdom, and if you’re starting a new relationship in your 40s, 50s or even 60s, you probably have a clear idea about what you need from your partner, and what […]

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How To Have The Pre-Nup Conversation Without Jeopardizing Your Relationship

You and your partner are deeply in love, and both of you are excited to get married. You’d like to talk about getting a pre-nuptial agreement (referred to as a marriage contract in […]

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Is It Ever Too Late To Get A Post-Nup?

Most people have heard of a pre-nuptial agreement, and have some idea of how it works. Before getting married, a couple signs a document that addresses how things like assets, liabilities, and spousal […]

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Top Reasons Why More Couples Are Saying Yes To Pre-Nups

Pre-nuptial agreements, referred to as marriage contracts in Canada, are always a good idea. Should a married couple decide to separate, the agreement provides instructions as to how to deal with property or […]

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Co-Parenting And Back-To-School Expenses: Who Pays For What?

The new school year is fast approaching, and there may be a lot of “firsts” for some divorced parents to figure out, especially if their child is just beginning their academic career or […]

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