Travel After Divorce: World Tourism Day

September 27, 2022
Del Mahabadi

Article written by Del Mahabadi

They say "home is where the heart is," and yet that doesn't stop us from falling in love with the many wonders this world has to offer. With so many amazing things to see, the ability to travel near and far is a privilege. That is why, this World Tourism Day, we want to talk about why travel might be exactly what your divorce story needs. An endless list of benefits, hopping on a plane sure sounds like a great start to your new chapter!


Post-Divorce Travel:

Everyone’s divorce story is different, but one thing remains the same: the question of where to go from here. The uncertainty and lack of direction is exciting and scary all at the same time. So many things have changed. Sure you’ve signed the papers, maybe you’re living somewhere new. You might even be eating more Chinese food than you usually do. But despite it all, a divorce forces you to reinvent yourself and focus your efforts on healing and finding answers within you.

“Instead of only focusing on your losses from your divorce you need to realize this is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. You get to choose who you become.” Greg W Anderson, author of The Selfish Divorce.


But where are these answers? Where are the remedies to the sleepless nights & constant worrying about what happens next? Certainly not at the bottom of the double fudge ice cream carton sitting in your freezer. But hey, they might be in Bali, or Tokyo, or on a little island in the Caribbean called Saba.

Nothing stays the same when you’re travelling. The scene has changed, the people have change, the language has changed, and the culture has changed. Travelling teaches you to embrace change and accept uncertainty.

Karen Schaler, the author of Travel Therapy: Where do you need to go? states that “Traveling is an ideal way to reboot and refresh after a divorce because it gives you a chance to physically and mentally get some distance from your ex, and look at things in a whole new light.”

In our experience, some of our clients have reported that a trip after divorce was a great way to help them clear their head from all the emotional turmoil. Getting away from it all for a little while may help you regain perspective and rediscover the pleasures of decided solitude.

Don't focus on what happens next...try instead to focus on where!