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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

It’s never been easier to ‘catch’ spouses and former spouses on audio or video as proof of wrongdoing, but should you?

Alyssa Bach spoke with Kelly Cutrara on Global News Radio about the legal implications of recording your former spouses.

Why helping your kids with a down payment is trickier than you think

Kevin Caspersz spoke with the Toronto Star about the complications of parents gifting a down payment on a house.

Giving cash to kids: Parents must think it through

Managing Partner, Ron Shulman, discusses the precautions that need to take place when co-parents decide to give cash to kids.

Parents Gift Adult Children Money for Houses

There is an increase disputes where parents gift large sums of money to adult children to buy houses. Laura Paris speaks on the matter with 570 News.

Divorce Planning in the Pandemic

Olivia D'Ammizio spoke with Jackie Porter about the common challenges couples have been facing during the pandemic and how to ease divorce planning.