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Laura Paris NewsTalk 1010 Ontario Courts Reopened July 6

Laura Paris discusses courts reopening with Jon Pole on Newstalk1010.

Divorces have increased during the coronavirus pandemic and lawyers are expecting more

There have been many changes to family law cases since the begining of the pandemic, including: increasing divorces and divorce related inquiries, challenges related to online divorce court, and impacts on child custody during the divorce process.

Out-of-court a speedier alternative for divorce, separation during pandemic

Separation and divorce is on the rise given the COVID-19 lockdown but those seeking time in family court will be in for a wait with the backlog likely extending into the months, not weeks.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is Making Divorce Even Harder to Navigate

Financial uncertainty can cause pitfalls like significant fights over the date of separation and valuation of assets. Family Lawyer, Laura Paris, weighs in.